Hkjn Essay

Junior Rangasammy

Module a few:

1 . Gravity-В

A push that brings objects for the earth

installment payments on your Inertia-

A object at rest unless force is placed on it

a few. Deceleration-

To slow down

four. Kinetic Energy-

In movement

5. Friction-

An object in another target surface

six. Traction-

Something pulling

Module 4:

1 . Explain the purpose of the followingВ

A. The difference between sturdy and busted lines is:

If the line is cracked it means you may pass through it

B. Yellowish lines (broken or solid) indicate what sort of traffic flow: What this means is opposite circulation of visitors

C. Light lines (broken or solid) indicate what kind of traffic flow: Traffic is headed in the same direction

installment payments on your 2 . Watch and explain the different signs in YOUR city. Give specific examples of each (include color, form, what the indication is for, and so forth ). В

3. A. A regulatory sign: В

A stop signal indicates to come to a full prevent, it is a reddish colored octagon with white characters

B. A motorist solutions sign:

An indication that tells you were you can find Gas, Foodstuff, Lodging, Camping, and Hospital locations. This can be a square blue sign with pictures

C. A leisure sign:

White symbols and a darkish sign which includes cultural curiosity areas

Deb. A sign that you understand what it means for its shape:

You usually understand a stop signal because of its form

4. Describe 3 interesting or significant facts coming from Module a few and 5.

A. Something interesting is usually how science is related to driving

B. Learning what's the difference from a broken and solid range is important

C. Knowing what your road symptoms are is important