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Diary of Organization Ethics (2010) 93: 307–319 DOI twelve. 1007/s10551-009-0223-9

Ó Springer 2009

The Drivers of Green Brand Fairness: Green Brand Image, Green Satisfaction, and Green Trust

Yu-Shan Chen

ABSTRACT. This information proposed four novel constructs – green brand picture, green fulfillment, green trust, and green brand collateral, and investigated the positive interactions between green brand value and its 3 drivers – green company image, green satisfaction, and green trust. The object of the research study was information and electronics goods in Taiwan. This study employed a great empirical study by use of the set of questions survey method. The forms were randomly mailed to consumers who had the experience of purchasing information and electronics products. The effects showed that green brand image, green satisfaction, and green trust are favorably related to green brand value. Furthermore, good relationship between green brand image and green brand equity is usually partially mediated by green satisfaction and green trust. Hence, investment on solutions to increase green brand photo, green satisfaction, and green trust is useful to enhance green brand collateral. KEY WORDS: green brand photo, green satisfaction, green trust, green manufacturer equity, green marketing

Intro In recent years, owing to the enormous amount of environmental pollution which in turn directly connects with professional manufacturing on the globe, the contemporary society has seen environmental issues increasing steadily (Chen, 2008a). Because of the focus of the world, more and more businesses are willing to recognize the environmental responsibility (Chen ain al., 2006). Nowadays, environmental concern quickly emerges as being a mainstream concern for consumers because of global warming, and many companies are seeking to get the opportunity. Subsequently, green promoting becomes essential for some sorts of products, just like information and electronics items (Chen ain al., 2006).

However , not every the companies have sufficient capabilities to advertise their green products with their consumers. If perhaps companies want to adopt green marketing efficiently, then their particular environmental ideas and tips should be incorporated into all facets of marketing (Ottman, 1992). In the event companies provides products or services that satisfy their particular customers' environmental needs, then simply their customers can be more favorable with their products or services. Inside the advent of environmental era, corporations must find an opportunity to enhance their products' environmental performance to strengthen their brand equities. As a result of more popular environmentalism in the world, the sales of green goods have drastically increased today, and, therefore , more consumers are willing to pay larger price to get green goods (Chen, 2008b). There are five reasons for businesses to develop green marketing: conformity with environmental pressures; obtaining competitive advantage; improving company images; in search of new marketplaces or options; and enhancing product value. Therefore , this kind of study contended that starting green marketing for businesses could increase their intangible brand equities. Although the worth of brand fairness cannot be accounted for by current financial accounting methods for the majority of own logos companies (Neal and Strauss, 2008), creating a strong manufacturer in the market is one of their particular main desired goals because it provides benefits for these people, including significantly less vulnerability to competitive promoting actions, greater margins, and greater company extension opportunities (Delgado-Ballester and ´ Munuera-Aleman, 2005; van Riel ainsi que al., 2005). Although previous studies paid great focus on explore the relevant issues of brand name image, fulfillment, trust, and brand value, non-e explored them regarding green or environmental concerns. Therefore , this kind of


Yu-Shan Chen the environmental problems in the world because of the influence of infamous environmental unfortunate occurances and the surge of environmental protection...