Grade 9 Physiscs Revision Newspaper

 Grade being unfaithful Physiscs Version Paper

Summer Assignment Revision –Term 1 Level: 9 Solution as many as feasible: 1) Express universal legislation of gravitation. Express it mathematically. 2) Differentiate between G‘ and g‘ in tabular form. 3) (a) What is acceleration? Write its unit. (b) Draw velocity-time graph, for the object offers (i) uniformly accelerated speed. (ii) uniformly retarded velocity. 4) Provide evidence that if a body is thrown top to bottom upward, the time of incline is comparable to the time of descent. 5) The earth attracts the moon. Does the moon also entice the earth? Whether it does, why does the earth not really move on the moon? 6) A bullet of mass 10 g is fired with a velocity of 400 m/s from a gun of mass four kg. What is the recoil velocity of the gun? 7) What is weight? State the direction in which it acts. Publish an expression for it. Is the excess weight of an thing same for the earth plus the moon? For what reason? 8) A circular trail has a area of 1570 m with AB among its size. A scooterist moves from A to B along the circular way with a standard speed of 5 m/s. Find the:

(a) length covered by the scooterist, (b) displacement from the scooterist (Given ∏=3. 14), (c) period taken by the scooterist in reaching by A to B. 9) A man throws a ball of mass 0. a few kg vertically upward with a velocity of 25 m/s. Find: (a) the initial impetus of the ball (b) momentum of the ball at the fifty percent way indicate of the optimum height (given g=10 m/s2) 10) A body added too the top to bottom upward path rises upto a height „h‟ and comes back to the position of its commence. Calculate (a) the total distance travelled by the body and (b) the displacement from the body. Beneath what state will the value of the shift be equal towards the distance went by a subject? 11) Which is having a larger value of momentum - A topic of mass 10 g moving using a velocity of 400m/s or a cricket ball of mass 400g chucked with the velocity of 85 km/h?

12)Show that weight of the object on the moon is definitely 1/6 of its weight on the earth. [Given...