Garrison Keillor, Age of Quality

 Garrison Keillor, Age of Brilliance Essay

Garrison Keillor

" The Age of Elegance"

Mid-air is filled with nostalgia in Garrison Keillor's content " Age Elegance". He uses the gorgeous fall weather condition in the heartland state of Minnesota to return to his child years fantasy of a restaurant known as Murray's. Murray's brings back Keillor's memories of what he and America once was, an area where a young man could have dreams without any concerns.

Keillor strongly describes Murray's as a host to sophistication, yet it can be a destination to bring special friends to relax and enjoy a steak at the same time. He makes a bold and grand image for Murray's. Pink draperies, a coat check girl, red luxurious chairs, candles, white linens and showcases give Murray's a touch of school. Yet, advertisements advertising the specials and waitresses called Agnes and Gladys make softer the image that Keillor is creating to get Murray's.

Murray's is a symbol of America's past. That brings back loving memories of the 50's and growing on with Keillor. It was a time of glory in Keillor's your life. Having evening meal with the friends and family, going to cathedral every On the and spending Saturday afternoons watching football with the relatives played a crucial role inside the American and Keillor's relatives. Murray's is a result of a point in Keillor's lifestyle that he never desires to forget. It is just a place that he likes to share with special friends.

Mn, America, the American along with Keillor possess changed tremendously since the 50's and Keillor's childhood. The one thing has remained a constant though, Murray's. You can nonetheless go obtain a silver chausser knife special for two. You may still be prepared to see the pink drapes plus the red deluxe chairs when you walk in the doorway. You can still expect to be served by the waitress with the friendly identity. Murray's, to Keillor, is a special place. It signifies an era that America and himself possess moved on coming from. Keillor is actually grateful that he still has a place that supplies him of so many fond recollections. It's a place where one can get...