Five Point Ethics Plan of Citigroup

 Five Stage Ethics Plan of Citigroup Essay


" five point integrity plan”

key concerns


Citigroup's link to huge scandals and significant scrutiny has been a large stain within the company's organization reputation and character. Charles Prince, CEO of Citibank, means to take away that discolor by putting into action his " five point ethics plan” in an attempt to change the ethics, traditions, and procedures of the business through superior training, enhanced focus on expertise, balanced functionality appraisals, better communications, and strengthened conformity controls. -------------------------------------------------

THIS DOCUMENT FOCUSES ON ESSENTIAL CONCERNS ABOUT THE " FIVE POINT ETHICS PLAN” 2. How can Citibank continually talk the reformed organizational traditions to the community? * As a corporation marketing communications officer, what would be my personal method to talk the plan to Citigroup staff and inspire transform? * Who are the critical stakeholders?

2. How will need to Prince deal with the stakeholders' responses and concerns? -------------------------------------------------

continually talk reformed organizational culture to the public Citigroup can regularly communicate all their reformed organizational culture towards the public in diverse methods: * Press conferences

2. Advertising through different techniques

a. Television set talk areas and commercials

b. Internet ads

c. Billboard ads

d. A radio station commercials

5. Community events

e. Attract local groups

f. Sponsor local occasions

g. Sponsor carnival week-ends

h. Bring in retreats

we. Sponsor charitable trust events

connect plan to employees and inspire alter

As a organization communication police officer, I provide an array of motivating methods to talk the plan to employees * Quarterly well-being meetings by Charles Knight in shining armor, CEO, with door awards a. Go over new values policy alterations

b. Go over new customer satisfaction techniques

2. Have...