Fenix Del Sur Case Study

 Fenix Delete Sur Example Essay

1 Dilemma with Option Presented to F´enix de Sur

F´enix del Sur, old fashioned and creature brokerage firm specialized in traditional African, South and Indigenous American decorative artifacts. It started in early 1900s although has continued to grow and become known as one of the best in authentic bits. Problems the corporation is facing is contenting in a hyper competitive environment with mass merchandisers, net dealers, inexpensive imitators and government foreign trade regulations. Source has become a enormous problem for them just lately, and they include even commenced to produce replicas at the obtain of their clients. F´enix delete Sur is currently faced with a chance to obtain a contract with a mass merchandising store to sell goods at 10% below all their current rates. The deal would start off with an initial purchase of $750, 000 and perhaps generate just as much as 4 , 000, 000 in revenue annually. The dilemma is usually wether or perhaps not the company feels that the contract is a great fit strategically. Also or worry is wether or not this option conflicts together with the organizational culture.

2 Available Courses of Action

1 . Agree to the deal with the mall

This kind of alternative will require tripling the amount of replica products that the F´enix del Sur can be producing. One particular question that F´enix de Sur ought to address is definitely, how could this affect the image from the company? Their particular focus will be somewhat removed from attaining authentic companies directed for the replica market. From the SWOT analysis inside the appendix, among F´enix delete Sur's strengths is the ability to produce top quality replicas. This strength aligns well with the opportunity to receive the contract while using department store. Once evaluating possibilities, it is great to classify them in terms of the kind of strategy used. Since the agreement with the variety store would not necessarily be a new offering, they are really looking to execute market transmission with their existing...