Pro Negatives and Risk for Nike

 Pro Downsides and Risk for Nike Essay


SEM:  MAR – JUN 2013




To INDIVIDUAL PROJECT. Each scholar has been given a case research taken from the textbook. Students must follow the next guidelines when you are performing the case research: 1 . Circumstance synopsis – provide a brief/short summary of the case 2 . Emphasize the main ideal marketing issues in the case a few. Answer each of the case queries as right here.

4. Provide some value added update and information of the watch case 5. Short conclusion (if necessary)

6th. Provide a list of references employed.

This task contributes 10% to the total course of MKT657. Answers should be concise and really should not go over more than five pages. All assignments must be submitted by the last lecture of the term for grading. Date of Submission through 9 Summer 2013. Inability to do so on this date can jeopardize the grade granted. The project should be typed (one and half spaced), font type, Arial and font size, 12. Make sure you provide name, student ID & handphone contact together with the title of the watch case on cover page. Length for the project will be 3-5 web pages although span will have very little to do with your grade. The grading of your documents will be based for the following standards: content, paperwork, grammar, spelling & proper sentence structure, clearness of demonstration, attention to information, use of marketing concepts mentioned in class. A listing of references/citations utilized in the project is required.

|NAME OF PUPIL |INDIVIDUAL JOB |DATE OF SUBMISSION | | |Case Questions | | |ERDIANA BINTI MOHD AMIN |В |В 9 06 2013 | |IRDANASHILA BINTI MAT NASHIR |PROCTER & GAMBLE Pg 338-339 | | |NUR ZULIANA BT MUHAMAD SULAILI |Provide a brief SWOT examination for S & G. | | |RABIATUL ADAWIAH BINTI ABDUL RAHMAN |P& G's remarkable portfolio contains some of the | | |ADZLENNA BINTI ISA |strongest manufacturers in the world. What are some of | | | |the challenges and dangers associated with being the | | | |market head in a lot of categories? | | | |With social media becoming increasingly important and | | | |fewer people watching classic commercials on | | | |television, what does P& G need to do to maintain the | | | |strong brand images? | | | |What risks do you really feel P& G will face in the years ahead? | | |KHALAWIAH LEDIGLICH BINTI JAMALUDDIN |В |В 9 June 2013 | |MOHAMAD ABDUL KADIR BIN MUHAMMAD |MCDONALD'S Pg 340-341 | | |MUNIRAH BINTI MAZLAN |Provide a brief SWOT evaluation for B. | | |NORHAFIZAH BINTI ABDUL JALIL |What...