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Executive Summary1

Firm Description2

Strategic Focus2


Goals of Market Research3

Secondary Data3

Primary Data3

Situation Analysis3

SWOT Analysis4

Industry Demand Analysis4

Competition Analysis6

Business Projections6

Pessimistic Projection6

Hopeful Projections7



Operating Analysis10

Fixed Expenses11














Executive Summary

Larry Brownlow is looking into the feasibility of using and working a Coors distributorship in the Kent and Sussex areas of Delaware. It was necessary to outsource his research to Manson and Associates. The first decision to be made was which primary and secondary info was beneficial to his research. Together with the acquired data, his second objective was going to decide if the target market could support one more beer supplier.

After studying the data, Larry found that there was an important consumer and retailer interest in the Coors' product. Lewis projects industry share to get higher in Southern Delaware than Coors' average of 8. 8%. The dark beer taxes paid by bulk suppliers in the target market area has grown 6. 3%. This immediately relates to the expansion in the market, an increase in gallons offered.

Based on Southern region Delaware Coors, Inc. optimistic and pessimistic proforma cash flow statements, this is a viable and profitable online business opportunity.

Company Explanation

South Delaware Coors, Inc. is the pioneeringup-and-coming brainchild of Larry Brownlow, an expecting graduate of a MBA program. Brownlow offers always presumed " the very best opportunities and rewards result from smaller self-owned businesses” such as the Coors distributorship. Larry has $500, 500 from children trust and wants to invest the money within a good business that will give his relatives as well as remove him from your day-to- time torture of your corporate giant. Coors Incorporation. has found there is a need for a distributor inside the Kent and Sussex region areas of Delaware. The company has decided to open up the business opportunity to everybody by using a application procedure. After all applicants are evaluated, Coors will select its new business affiliate. Due to time constraints, Larry has employed Manson and Associates, to organize a research proposal. He will use this information to determine the feasibility of a Coors distributorship in the two county parts of South Delaware.

Strategic Emphasis


South Delaware Coors, Inc. 's objective is to end up being the number one Coors beer distributor in To the south Delaware taking a market discuss of 12% or more in the first 36 months while carrying on the tradition and values of its parent organization.

Goals of Market Research

Larry knows the need for very good primary and secondary researching the market. Primary research is data that has been collected for the specific organization problem. Supplementary research is data that is accumulated for another goal but is a good idea in other areas. Larry knows it is important to acquire some good second research info as a standard to compare to the more specific primary analysis data. After meeting with Manson and Affiliates, Larry was presented with 9 different studies at an expense of $18549. 50. He could not manage all of the suggested studies together with his limited finances of $15, 000, thus he reviewed each that you determine if they would be helpful. Eventually, Larry acquired the following research for the buying price of $13, 500.

Secondary Info

Table CEstimates of Coors' Market Share pertaining to 1990-1995, $2, 000 Desk EBeer Income taxes Paid by Wholesalers in the Market Area, 1988 and 1989, $200

Major Data

Table GConsumer Study, $6, 1000

Table HRetailer Study, $4, 800

Circumstance Analysis

The first step...