Case Study

 Case Study Dissertation

A Case Study in V. T. Gripal Rice Mill

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the Faculty of Ramon Sixth is v. Del Sarta College of Business

Decision Sciences and Innovation Department

De La Salle University - Manila

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Chua, Maris

Figuracion, Kris Elaine

Gripal, Guada

Laguio, China and tiawan

Manalo, Hera

Tiongson, Ivi


V. S i9000. Gripal Grain Mill, held by Mario Kokoy and Veronica Rescatador, has a grain milling system that executes the process of successfully removing the husk plus the bran tiers to produce the white grain, having the specifications of being thoroughly milled and completely ready-to-eat to provide the best quality intended for the business' customers. The rice generator has been functioning for twenty-four years, when it was established in the year 1990. The rice mill is privately managed simply by its owner, Veronica Rescatador, who is extremely hands-on with the business. It can be currently located at San Jose City, Nueva Ecija. Tracing backside from its conceiving and the current time, the organization has around 300 workers.

It's true that Nueva Ecija may be the " Rice Bowl of the Philippines” which may be concluded that many rice mills are located there. The calculate number of rice mills located in San Jose City is approximately 20, and one of them is definitely V. H Gripal Rice Mill. In the 24 numerous years of its procedure, the business continue to uses manual system in recording and checking of various kinds of data. The owners are aware of the advantages of technology and just how it can help to ease the entire processes of the organization. But although the company offers funds, as well as aware of the technology's benefits, they are still unsure on what program to use that will fit in the organizations' needs and help to fix the slight problems that happen to be happening inside the company.


The case study presents the various processes of a business under the agricultural industry, particularly grain milling, the V. H. Gripal Rice Mill. The merchandise of the company are the different types of well-milled rice, delivered to enterprises nationwide. It provides the details regarding the people lurking behind the business, the owners, personnel, and them. The study also covers the issues occurring in the industry operations across different departments, as well as a more deeply analysis and determining the sources of the difficulties. The group proposes answer, or solution/s depending on how many are needed, to the concerns identified, consisting of the cement steps and plans regarding how to implement the solution/s. The problems encountered by the company would be the following: difficulty in accessing current data regarding the inventory, delayed decision-making process, employee attendance tracking, and financial changes. These complications all narrow down to the deficiency of an automated, complete system along with other factors impacting on them. The manual program that the organization implemented possess caused problems with getting real-time data because it will take longer than normal and the owners are not able to receive the necessary improvements and if there are problems they are not addressed as quickly as possible. It affects, in return, the decision-making process of the organization, since there exists a lack of information, the process is definitely delayed. The attendance traffic monitoring of employees is also certainly not efficient, just manual, as their checking system may be neglected very easily by dishonest employees. Automobile in charge is not able to record time out of employees successfully, as they make an effort to escape, so that the employee plus the owners will not know whether an employee proved helpful under time or not really. The problems with finance can generate even more errors than is accepted, very time-consuming and pressured due to the manual recording of economic transactions, especially by producing in documents or notebooks, and then present to the managers or owners the necessary changes, as well as managing the payroll. In light of the problems...