Euripides' Depiction of Medea's Problems Relating to Her Status as a Foreign Female in Athens

 Essay about Euripides’ Depiction of Medea’s Problems Relating to Her Status as a Foreign Woman in Athens

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Task Question: - Critically comment on Euripides' interpretation of Medea's problems as relating to her status like a foreign girl in Athens.

Medea is a play about the untergeordnet, the Additional, the misfit, the unfamiliar person, the woman that is " abandoned, a asylum, thought nothing of”. It is just a play regarding the barbarian's powerful capacity to restore her own pride and achieve justice. Known as such the play can function on a distinct level. It is a " radical” play as it uproots traditional beliefs related to gender, politics and traditions which put at the heart of Athenian contemporary society of the 5th century BC.

Athenians had been vividly mindful that the organization and regarding civilized principles in a philistine world lay down with all of them alone as leaders of Hellenic traditions. Athenians claimed to be the champions of the Ancient greek language way of life, the " democratic” ideals and firm opposing team of " barbarianism”. These people were extremely cautious of their superior achievements in art, structures ant all their naval and commercial superiority.

This xenophobic frame of mind is most conspicuously evident in Jason, who also used her for his own goal. His mission to seek and bring home the treasure from your Barbarians can be seen as the greatest symbol with the imperial dream which held up throughout the decades to the present working day. On the one hand there may be reference to the parable which has Medea hacking her own close friend to items in order to assist Jason in his escape together with the Golden Fleece jacket from Colchis. On the other hand your woman shows her tenderness simply by " cradling” the body of the brother that she herself had slain. This strange association places her and her buddy together while victims of imperialism, facing Jason while the appropriator of the social heritage of Colchis and therefore the imperialist coloniser. Medea features served Jason in his pursuit of power, celebrity and posterity, in other words this wounderful woman has succumbed to the attractions of the culture in the coloniser and has betrayed her own native culture. She has lost the visibility of a sorceress and a princess and misses her homeland. Medea: " O my nation! How bitterly now I remember you! ” (line328)

Medea's homeland is definitely Colchis, an island inside the Black Sea, which the Greeks considered the border of the earth, a terrain of barbarians (Bloom, 2002). She employed her capabilities and impact to help Jason secure the Golden Fleece; then, having fallen deeply in love with him, she fled her country and family to have with Jerr in Iolcus, his own house. During the break free across the Mediterranean, she murdered her buddy and left him crazy, so that her pursuers would have to slow down and bury him. While in Iolcus, the lady again used her devilish cleverness to control the children of the neighborhood king and rival, Pelias, into murdering their own father. Medea: " I saved your life and every Greek understands I kept it... ” (line476) Irrespective of all these eschew, she is betrayed by Jerr, who made a decision to advance his station simply by re-marrying the daughter of Creon, King of Corinth. Jason treats her just like a barbarian woman, not as a wife. He could be rather appears ashamed of getting married to a Barbarian and Medea accepting this says the next statement: Medea: " Not any, you thought it was not decent as you acquired on in years to get a foreign better half. ”(line592)

Medea is a very angry woman but the source of her anger is usually not simply Jason's marital cheating. The playwright shifts the play's concentrate from Jason's betrayal over a personal level to Medea's recognition of her individual betrayal of her ethnical identity which will begins together with the murder of her personal brother, and her following yielding to Jason, the representative of the dominant tradition and civilisation. Medea is usually angry in herself internet marketing seduced simply by and surrendering to the hegemonic culture. Subsequently her revenge against Jerr takes on the proper execution of a rebellion against the imperial invader, and the killing of her kids becomes a great act of defiance against the invader and a being rejected of the...