English Showbag

 English Showbag Essay

Good morning -panel of marketing managers of the regal Easter display. My name is Daniel Koh and I am an agent of PAN productions. Today i will be discussing how you the panel ought to endorse the Starwars A new Hope showbag in the 2009 Royal Easter Show The showbag our company has established contains a few various however original products from the Movie Star wars a brand new hope which will entice the young consumer preferably aged 6-10 to get our showbag. The 1st item in our showbag symbolizes the heroes of the film star wars. The hero is obviously henry skywalker although because of the other hero characters in the film such as princess leia, ryan solo, ben Kenobi and R2-D2 that help Lomaz fulfil his destiny, we certainly have created a Legend Wars trading card video game containing all the heroes through the movie as each and every one of all of them have different yet important tasks to lead in the break down of the death star. The Cards provide an image of a hero from the movie and in addition gives a short description about the character. Certain cards include a force meter and a defence meter whilst others have a special effect when enjoyed on the spacefield. The second item in our showbag represents the evil/dark aspect of the film star battles. The bad guy we have decided to represent the dark side is definitely darth vader. As observed in the Movie StarWars A new wish we can see The dark lord himself strangling one of his officers even though inside the loss of life star making use of the powers in the dark side from the force. This scene sums up the type of persona darth vader is and how much control he features over the dark side of the force. Thus to depict this kind of image the 3rd prop we now have created to portray Darth Vader, we have created the Glove of darth vader. This prop will be a strike with the youthful viewers in the starwars films as it in fact feels like the user of this prop is find out filled with darth vaders electrical power and chaotic force.

Luke's starwars quest is basically luke's inner psychological journey from being a simple farmer son and...