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 Emo Culture Essay

In today's culture there are many different subculture tendencies among young people, they may be various and interpenetrating, but to the bigger a part of them is usually leading the element music and especially such kind of music, that may be with a history of many years, altered in traditional for many ages. But lately one completely different from the whole subcultures inclinations phenomenon, named emo design, especially highly caused a sensation. It can be different not merely at the technique of clothing, at the type of music preferences, on the type of behavior, but it is unique at the approach, it is aware of the world and itself. It can be one " sad” subculture to a superb degree specifically because of the method, it perceives the environmental reality. The emo subculture is a mixture from the punk rock and the hardcore traits. From etymological point of view the name emocore comes from emotional hardcore as well as roots are in Washington in the middle of 80s. For founding fathers of the emocore tendency could be shown Rituals of Springtime, Embrace and Rain. Little by little with the idea emocore they will start to determine themselves hardcore punk artists, which start to add melodic elements with their songs. The sadness, the love, the feeling of remorse is the standard topic in the lyrics from the emocore. The emo style could be qualified as „rock music with emotional-lyric elements”. But this couldn't certainly be a final classification, because the debates about the definition of the emo subculture even now continue.

The emo culture continues to develop in addition to 90s right up until today this continues to be well-liked for the young people. A whole teenage generation succeeds the name emo and the the younger generation start to call themselves emos. The melodramatic behavior and clothes introduce a new style to the music. This subculture is maybe one of the most well-liked and the the majority of obsessing your brain of the younger generation today. Initially considered as a music genre, the emocore today can be described as subculture sensation that unifies music, patterns, fashion, style and technique of...