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 Electronic Voting Machine Essay



Generally the EVM consists of two units that can be inter connected. A boule unit, which in turn a voter uses to exercise his vote. Plus the other, a control device used by the polling representatives. But the EVM prepared by us is totally computerized. MCU is usually acting because the Polling Officer from this EVM.

Ballot Unit

This consists of a 16x2 LCD and IR LEDs.

LCD shows the name of the post and applicant for which voting is going in IR LEDs are used as touch changes. For nearly anything which you have to decide on, put the figure only above the option where it truly is being displayed on the LCD. Control Device

It consists of a MCU and a six keys keypad.

MCU shops the program, manage it and also stores the data given by arreters. We have produced keypad, that can be used to insight the brand of Blogposts and the Candidates. By using this we can not have to software the machine every time before any election. Anybody can enter the identity of articles and candidates just before the election. This may also stop programming the EVM to favour virtually any particular candidate.

1 . one particular The Electric Voting Mach

ine – An Electronic Wonder.

Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) retains each of the characteristics of voting simply by ballot papers, while making polling much more expedient. Staying fast and absolutely dependable, the EVM saves time and effort, money and manpower. And, of course , helps maintain total voting secrecy without the utilization of ballot documents. The EVM is 90 per cent tamper proof. And, at the end in the polling, merely press a button and there you have the outcomes.

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Electronic voting machine has days become an effective tool for voting. It ensures flawless voting and thus is now more common. It assures people of the vote being secured. It avoids almost any malpractice and invalid ballots. Also these kinds of kind of system becomes cheaper as major expenditure sustained on staff members is saved. It is also convenient on the part of decider, as he needs to just press one essential whichever belongsto his applicants. Voting machinesare the total combo ofmechanical, electromechanical, or digital equipment (includingsoftware, firmware, and documentation needed to program control, and supportequipment), that is used to define ballots; to cast and depend votes; to report or perhaps display political election results; also to maintain and produce any audit trek information. The first voting machines were mechanical but it is a lot more common to employ electronic voting machines. A voting system includes the practices and associated documentation used to determine system components and versions of such components; to test the machine during its development and maintenance; to take care of records of system problems or disorders; to determine certain changes made after first certification; and to help make it available any materials towards the voter (such as realises, instructions, forms, or paper ballots). Usually, a voting machine continues to be defined by mechanism the program uses to cast votes and further labeled by the location where the program tabulates the votes. Voting machines will vary levels of simplicity, security, performance and precision. Certain systems may be more or less accessible to all voters, or perhaps not attainable to those voters with particular types of disabilities. They will also have an effect on the public's ability to oversee elections.


Electronic digital voting machine has now replaced the traditional system of voting due to a lot of advantages just like security, programmed counting etc . This project presents a method to develop an electric voting machine which shows the count number of votes on a 16x2 LCD interface. A user could get his/her vote register through a set of switches (one for every single candidate). After every cast of vote, the subsequent count is seen on FLAT SCREEN. The outlet uses AT89C51 microcontroller plus the code for the job has been created in C. В


This LCD based electronic digital voting machine is designed for four candidates. The...