economic globalization

 economic the positive effect Essay

Recently, economic globalization has brought in public attention. With the quick development of economic and amazing progress of science and technology, monetary globalization has become an unavoidable in the advancement society. Economical globalization is a double-edged sword, it has the both negative and results. To the financial globalization, differing people come up with several attitudes. A lot of people are happy in economic globalization's beneficts, however , at the same time, other folks in the worried the unwanted side effects. Blow are some common good examples.

To begin with, following China's incorporation to the globe trade organization, economy has great development, and people includes a high life level. People makes more money. Subsequently, economic globalization is benefical to attract overseas capital, to introduce modern technology and gear. What's more, it will help us to examine the advanced management experience. For we college students. monetary globalization is good to help all of us to learn more knowledge. including home foreign economic and lifestyle knowledge. Economic globalization is a challenge and prospect, it brings in benefits has negative effects. To put it simply, monetary globalization provides given rise to a number of promblems, such as debt, strength, environment and other problems. It also brings in hazards. Economic globalization has negative impacts about students, too. Because of monetary globalization, it is hard for students to find an ideal work after graduating. Besides, it ask for larger requests to college students. We could under the monetary globalization condition, so faced with this. many of us should do some thing. Firstly, each of our country shoud strengthen their particular development and progress, and continuously enhance the comprehensive strength. Secondly, we all college students shoud learn standard knowledge very well, and the more you practice, and frequently improve themselves. Always be willing to meet the problem. I'm sure we will change the...