Important Lens

 Critical Lens Essay

Alex RyderEnglish 10A

November 20, 2012

" In this world goodness is meant to be defeated. ” In accordance to Walker Percy, inside our society, great will is definitely compelled to become desolated. This really is proven true through Bill Shakespeare's playwright, Othello and William Golding's novel, Lord Of The Lures. William Shakespeare uses foreshadowing and characterization and William Golding utilizes symbolism in their testimonies to fatten their literary works. In William Shakespeare's playwright, Othello, there are many character types that were most likely going to be defeated. Some of the characters destined being destroyed will be Othello and Desdemona. Shakespeare utilizes foreshadowing to show the partnership between Othello and that benefits is destined to be damaged. Othello can be destined to become defeated as they cannot observe past " honest” Iago's lies. When Othello keeps giving his speeches regarding his take pleasure in for Desdemona, it foreshadows disaster. Othello obliviously feels Iago is usually telling the truth because he is his third in command, and think twice to question what Iago says after Iago's persuasion. Likewise, Othello's description of his past and his wooing pertaining to his partner foreshadows his suicide speech. The lack of conversation between Othello and Desdemona foreshadow tragedy between them. Othello eventually does get dubious because Iago cannot confirm his accusation with some evidence, but Iago says he saw Desdemona's handkerchief in Cassio's lodging, which includes Othello off the deep end and he has an epileptic fit. Shakespeare uses characterization to show that Desdemona can be fated to get destroyed. Desdemona is very excited with her marriage and is also good when her husband is violent and accusatory. She is extremely naive and innocent. She is so trusting and harmless that the girl doesn't possibly believe that you will discover such girls in the world that truly cheat prove husbands. Mainly because she is thus naive and innocent it can be obvious that Desdemona's fortune...