Comprehension Questions

 Comprehension Inquiries Essay

The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963

Project Fb timeline

Please use this timeline being a guide to get pacing the reading and then for developing a better understanding of the novel. The dates to get turning in the comprehension questions are included, and the final project is due on Friday, March two, 2012. Pupils will receive 1 bonus point towards the culminating project for each set of understanding questions turned in. Work hard, and also have fun!


Comprehension Queries

Vocabulary-not in chapter purchase

Week one particular: (January 23-27)


1 ) What interesting language will the author use for describe how cold it is in Flint? 2 . What kind of romantic relationship does Kenny have along with his brother, Byron? 3. How exactly does Hambone Henderson try to suppress Wilona via marrying Mr. Watson? What do you think Mr. Watson thinks of Hambone? How can you tell? 4. Why does Kenny find Rufus, the modern boy for the bus, as his " personal saver”? 5. Why do you think Kenny is friends with LJ, even though LJ isn't wonderful to him? Due: January 27, 2012

boycott-to usually buy some thing or to take part in something as a means of making a protest bravo-well done!

cockeyed or lazy-eyed-cross-eyed or having an eye that squints or slants cracker-an offensive term used to spell out a class of poor light people in some parts of the southeastern US Week 2: (January 30-February 3)


1 . Have you ever had a problem which has a bully at your school? Just how did you work it out? 2 . For what reason do you think Mrs. Watson echoes " Southern-style” when she gets furious? 3. In the event that you where Mrs. Watson, how would you punish Byron when he takes on with fire? 4. How exactly does the author demonstrate that Byron is less tough when he pretends being?

Due: February 3, 2012

discrimination-prejudice or unjust behavior to others based on differences in age, race, or perhaps gender egghead-a smart person

emulate-to follow or copy

generate-to develop or create something

grapevine-If you hear info through the grapevine, you hear that unofficially or perhaps as a chisme. Week a few:...