Compare and Contrast of Two Stories.

 Compare and Contrast of Two Stories. Essay

Efrain Rincon Jr

Mentor Yuhas

English - six

6 May, 2013

‘An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge' and ‘The Crimson Convertible'

‘An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge' simply by Ambrose Bierce and ‘The Red Convertible' by Louise Erdrich equally recount sorrowful tales of men in times of war. The stories differ in that ‘An Occurrence by Owl Creek Bridge' is actually a story crafted in reverse, the place that the readers usually do not truly know the dimensions of the plot until the end- whereas ‘The Reddish colored Convertible' is really a man recounting the story of his long lost brother. On the other hand despite their very own differences, both these styles the reports continue to build-up hope in the reader only to find nothing but a sorrowful account at the end. ‘An Occurrence for Owl Creek Bridge' by simply Ambrose Bierce was a short story drafted in 1890s that revolves around a confederate supporter throughout the Civil War. Peyton Farqhuar is a man living in the south who also proudly displays his support for the confederacy as well as the cause of the South. Farqhuar was captured by Union soldiers pertaining to his screen of Southern pride. He is unfairly, and barely, attempted, before being sentenced to get hung. His punishment was to be carried out at the Owls Street connect, where the target audience is drive into the thoughts of Farqhar. At the end in the first part of the story, Bierce uses this quote to illustrate the foreshadowing from the doom to come: " As these thoughts, which have here to be arranged down in words, had been flashed in the doomed mans brain rather than evolved from that the captain nodded to the sergeant. The sergeant stepped aside. ” When Farqhuar was put up from Owls Creek Connection, the reader can be carried through his journey of avoiding the soldiers after the rope snaps. Bierce surprises viewers at the end once Farqhuar, who have thinks this individual has steered clear of capture by Union military, is operating towards his wife and everything dies out to dark, although once again, the closing was foreshadowed when, before Farqhuar chop down to his death, Bierce called him a " vast pendulum”--swinging back and forth on his rope of...