Community Creation

 Community Development Essay


When I hear community I think of the collective number of individuals who reveal common beliefs, this can be through living in close proximity or perhaps through interpersonal interactions and interests including sporting groupings. Community is all about a sense of belonging for all engaged, and generally contains some sort of social order. Community may be perceived by individuals in many ways and as a result there is not any clear definition or meaning as such. Community in the past has been concerned with the division of labor and governance whereas in modern society is far more focused on common interests and goals (Kenny, 2011).

The building blocks of a community is built through engagement with other individuals in the community through activities, courses and work. Community as well raises the issue of equality within communities including racism, sexism and class. Critiques will usually argue that these issues discriminate against individuals in the neighborhood and as a result separate them (Kenny, 2011). People probably regularly be discussion and debate regarding the meaning of community nevertheless one thing is apparent, the meaning of community can be evolving; it really is no longer limited to political framework and physical proximity yet has now expanded to digital communities in modern society where a community may be connected across the globe.


While i hear the term empowerment, I think of permitting someone to become aware of their strengths and build to them while resolving their own challenges. For example presenting an individual the equipment but letting them make the decisions of how each uses them. Empowerment is a significant part in the neighborhood development style; it is the method whereby a worker inside the social and community providers industry attaches with persons or organizations in the community. There are lots of meanings and theories of empowerment which might be up for conversation and issue, one that generally seems to explain my personal view is definitely " The procedure whereby decisions are made by...

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