Chemistry-Reactivity of Metals

 Chemistry-Reactivity of Metals Composition

п»їTitle: Precious metals

Problem affirmation: A new steel called Taffium was identified to possess houses similar to the portions of Group installment payments on your Plan and design a great experiment to see whether this kind of element needs to be placed above or under magnesium in Group 2 . Hypothesis:

If Taffium reacts with cold drinking water to form Taffium hydroxide and hydrogen in that case Taffium is above Magnesium in Group 2 . Goal: To determine if Taffium is somewhat more reactive than Magnesium in Group 2 . Apparatus and materials: Taffium, Magnesium powdered, two two hundred and fifty ml beakers, cold drinking water, spatula, splint, match, Treatment:

1 . Fill a 250ml beaker with cold water.

installment payments on your Using a spatula, add two loads of Magnesium (mg) metal powdered to the beaker. 3. Enable partner to light a splint rapidly to test for any gas. 5. Steps 1-3 were repeated using Taffium metal instead of Magnesium metallic. 5. The experiment was repeated to boost accuracy.


Handled: quantity of Magnesium (mg) and Taffium used, volume of cold water used Altered: Magnesium, Taffium (metals used) Responding: Items formed as a result of reaction with each metallic with cold water Info to be accumulated:

Table showing the products created and inference due to the reaction of Taffium and Magnesium with cold normal water. Metal

Effect of gas in lighted splint/gas evolved




Predicted results / prediction:

The reaction of Taffium and chilly water can produce Taffium hydroxide and hydrogen gas which extinguishes a lighted splint using a pop in case it is above Magnesium in Group 2 . Treatment /analysis of expected benefits:

Metals are elements and are also good conductors of heat and electricity. A lot of the metals will be electropositive in nature and the metal atoms lose bad particals in reactions to form cations. The more reactive a metallic, the greater tendency it has to contact form a positive ion in a substance...