Assessments phase 7

 Assessments section 7 Composition

п»їChapter six: Assesssments

1 ) CONTRASTING How were matrilineal societies not the same as patrilineal communities? Matrilineal societies where the communities in which ancestry is tracked through the mother, while patrilineal societies where ones through which descent is traced throughout the father. 2 . NAMING Via where really does much of each of our knowledge of early on African societies come? What traveler is famous for his recorded points of African societies? Much of our know-how about early African societies originate from descriptions noted by foreign visitors. Ibn Bastonata is known intended for his recorded descriptions of African societies.

3. IDENTIFYING What allowed Ghana to become a wealthy state? Who taken advantage of the most? Ghana had an abundance of platinum, this caused it to be the center of the enormous control empire. Trade helped Bekwai, ghana to become a rich state. Berbers benefited Bekwai, ghana the most mainly because their camels carried much of the trade over the dessert.

4. DESCRIBING What led to late the Songhai Empire?

Following your reign of Askia Dawud, Songhai little by little started to decline. Near the end of the 15th century, that decrease quickened if the forces from the sultan of Morocco busy much of Songhai.

5. LOCATION SKILLS What geographic feature helped the Songhai kingdom thrive? Explain why. The Songhai established themselves southern of the the Niger Riv bend. This kind of floods, offering a rich garden soil for raising crops and cattle, making agriculture and food methods to raise.

six. IDENTIFYING CAUSE AND RESULT Why did the price of rare metal drop in Egypt during Mansa MЕ«sДЃ's pilgrimage to Makkah? Mansa Musa recently had an abundance of personal gold, which will made the cost of Gold drop.

7. EXPLAINING CONTINUITY AND CHANGE What happened for the religious values of people following the spread of Islam? Islam conflicted Photography equipment beliefs it also gave concepts that were mixed native values that created a new Africanized Islam faith.

9. LOCATION What had been the religious differences among East, Western,...