Character Examination of Faye from "a Secret Sorrow”

 Essay regarding Character Examination of Faye from a Secret Sorrow

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Summer 8, 2011

Character Evaluation of Faye

From " A Top secret Sorrow”

In the story " A Top secret Sorrow”, a woman by the name of Faye is fighting a distressing accident. The reference from the car accident models the reader up for the sculpt of the story. In the beginning of chapter 11, Faye is extremely fragile female. Something is making her truly feel distraught. The moment reading the first word " feel the blood drain from her face” (Van Der Zee 28) and " thought she was going to faint” (28), its not clear what permanent internal personal injury Faye has, as stated inside the preface. Inside the following couple of paragraphs the writer wrote, " clutched in him to get support, struggling for control” and " legs had been shaking thus badly”. These types of descriptive statements of Faye keeps you engaged to find out what's wrong with her and so why she feels in this way. Faye features always wanted to conceive children, yet her chances of a job were broken the day the girl received the horrible information. She was filled with thoughts and is at tremendous tremendous grief, as if the girl had shed a loved one and was grieving. Faye would not want to simply accept the fact that she will under no circumstances be able to give life into a child. When Kai detects the number of the psychiatrist, Faye feared that Kai understood, " This individual knew, also God, he knew. She closed her eyes, a helpless feeling of inevitability engulfing her. ” (29) She believed she didn't want to escape the truth now that he knows about a doctor. Faye's disposition changes coming from feelings bereavement to turning out to be defensive, " her entire body growing rigid with in-born rebellion. ” (30) Faye defended very little by hoping to get away from Kai and his queries. Faye was facing the crisis of her life-time, where the girl thought she'd not be able to gratify Kai neither make him happy with out giving him the gift idea of a child and realizing that Kai frantically wanted to have got a child with her. For that reason, she dreaded marrying him. " We can't be what you wish me to be. We cannot have the sort of life you want... Now i'm so afraid... you'll be...