CCJ 4642 Component 2copy

 CCJ 4642 Part 2copy Essay

Monday February 18, 2014

Disposition of Offense Video Part 1 (A& E)


o New york city Mafia—five families

to Bootlegging was initial organization

o Combination, discipline, organization—Made mafia effective They relied on Funds and Muscles

o Later on Valachi—first to publicly admit existence of mafia um Vito Genovese

Godson evaluated in this film, Ralph Caglioti

Frank Caglioti—baker, trucks utilized for bootlegging by mob.

to Mayor of New York's father was endangered

to Irish and Jewish bande made up Ny before cricca

um Joseph Bonanno

° His son can be interviewed through this film

° 1924moved to Williamsburg, NY

° Met Salvatore Ferraqamo and started earning a living for mob

u Arnold Rothstein—fixed game between Reds and white Sox

Most of the unique gangsters started out working him

" Striking the Mattresses"

um Charles " Lucky" Luciano initialized end of street war

o The Commission

There is absolutely no one person that tells the others what to do

" Gangster Circuit"

o Night clubs were the area to be seen to get gangsters

o Same famous artists played at the different golf equipment Duke Ellington

o Magazines, Radio perpetuated the image of " the gangster" – they were repaid to go easy on the cosca o Hoover—Director of the FBI—said the cosca was a fable

Rumors that Hoover was gay, cross-dressed, and the mafia had the ability to destroy " The Rackets"

um Myer Lansky(Jewish) and Lucky Luciano—important romantic relationship o Tough Inc. —Anastasia " The Mad Hatter"

o Jones E. Dewey—

Murdered by Dutch Shultz?

" The Waterfront"

to ILA—Small Union, 50, 500 members, highly effective

um Tony Anastasia—Brother of the " Mad Hatter" —ran the docks um 18 Dock bosses—position of big power, a large number of killed

" The Garden"

o Mafia controlled boxing, Among one among Rackets

o Nearest sport to murder, devoid of actually carrying out it

o Bert Sugar—boxing media reporter interviewed with this film

o A crucial part

o Outspoken Carbo

Controlled the managers of practitioners

Controlled by Mafia u Jake Lamata

Boxing Story

Movie " The Strong Bull"

Costs Fox Battle 1947—first combat he threw—he was therefore obvious the fact that officials conducted an investigation, hung him, mafia got him back in even though. o Way of living of New York mob within this time—Wake up at 1pm, go to boxing match, take wife or girlfriend out to night golf club, go to k?mpe shop among 5-6am, go to sleep. CLASS DISCUSSION OF PART you

o Legal Activity was obviously a lifestyle, making mafia one of a kind o Judaism organized criminal offense members—original shapers of cosca Major Jewish Organized Crime Figures

Arnold Rothstein—put the " organization" into OC. He was an agent among numerous ethnic organizations and presumed a person's skill determined what job he would have. o Major Gambler—Lost $350, 000, claimed it was fixed, refused to pay. After previous attempt to gather money, he was shot and killed to create a precedent about paying debts. Passed away in 1928, 46 years old o One of the first people linked to heroine trafficking Dutch Shultz (Born Arthur Flegenheimer)—Known while the Dark beer Baron around the Bronx, was into unlawful numbers, held many reputable businesses and o Attempted to kill Thomas Dewey—federal prosecutor who had him indicted pertaining to tax evasion, jury was fixed and Shultz was acquitted. Later, Dewey started to be state prosecutor to check into OC in Manhattan and decided to follow Shultz once again. Shultz determines to take an agreement out to eliminate Dewey. The mafia gets word of Shultz's plan, warns him, but he ignores alert. Shultz was killed by Mafia 1935 (Note that 1931 The Commission was formed—They had a rule that you do not go after a good lawmaker). Lepke Buchalter—First from the OC characters to stay out of bootlegging and become linked to labor racketeering. The only OCCITAN figure at any time to be carried out by the govt. o John Shapiro was his partner and gives up to the federal government, but Buchalter goes into concealing, o Buchalter became weird that people happen to be ratting in him (which was untrue), and has many people killed that work pertaining to him. Those he would not...