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Cathedral by Raymond Carver Research Guide

The narrator of Carver's " Cathedral" has a epiphany when he meets a blind good friend of his wife. 2. 
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Printed in 1983, Raymond Carver's short account " Cathedral” explores the theme of ignorance through the first person narrator's trip from low self-esteem to openness. The narrator begins because close-minded and fearful of what he does not understand; as the storyline progresses, this individual begins to have got his sight opened, ironically with the help of a blind guy. " Cathedral” Plot Brief summary

The story's narrator informs the readers a friend of his wife's, a man who have happens to be sightless, is on his way to see. The narrator is not really enthusiastic about the visit mainly because blind people make the narrator uncomfortable, for the reason that the narrator has no genuine experience with the blind. Additionally to his uneasiness with the blind, the narrator is usually uncomfortable together with his wife's romance with the impaired man. The wife and Robert, the blind gentleman, have maintained a close relationship via mp3 recordings sent back and forth, as well as the narrator finds this distressing. Despite the narrator's feelings about the check out, Robert appears, and the 3 of them dine together, and Robert and the narrator get acquainted with each other. Heroes

The Narrator: The un-named narrator from the story can be insecure, close-minded, and is lacking in communication skills at the beginning of the storyline. As Robert urges the narrator to spread out up to discussion, the narrator begins to quit his rut of non-chalant detachment to forging an actual connection with Robert, thus causing the narrator to rethink not only his prejudice toward the blind, but his outlook upon communication and personal connection total. Robert: Robert, the...