Breast Cancer Study Paper

 Breast Cancer Study Paper

Elijah Yap

English II

Mrs. Dudley



Part One particular

The topic My spouse and i picked to perform my I-Search on is definitely cancer. I actually picked this topic since I want to enter in the field of medical study on cancers; it has been my dream to find a way to cure cancer. The knowledge of this topic at my early age I do think will help me personally figure easily want to stay on my course or whether to detour and enter into another field. From what I have learned over the years about tumor is that it is just a mutation of a cell to generate it contagious to additional cells and it also makes the cellular growth uncontrollable. If the cell is harmless it is a generally a tumor and if it really is malignant most commonly it is a tumor cell. I also found that we occasionally have cancers cells but since our immune system is solid our bodies can get rid of all of them. By the end of my exploration on this matter I hope to find out exactly how a cancer is formed and how the doctors determine if it is benign or cancerous. When I am looking for anyone to interview Let me start at my church since there are many doctors who I think work in that general field.

Breast Cancer


A. What is cancers?

B. There are plenty of types and this paper only will cover breast cancer. I. Precisely what is Breast Cancer?

A. Breast Cancer

1 ) Tumor that formed inside the chest.

installment payments on your Men will get it.

N. Who gets it?

1 ) Mostly Women get cancer of the breast.

2 . you in every eight women get breast cancer.

2. Causes and Risks

A. Ongoing exploration to find the reason for breast cancer.

B. Although they are unsure with the cause they know of a lot of risks factors that are linked to the disease. 1 . Age

installment payments on your Family history

three or more. Ethnicity

a. Caucasian women are the majority of diagnosed

w. African American ladies have the the majority of deaths via breast cancer c. Asian, Asian, and Local American ladies are less more likely to get breast cancer. 4. Alcohol Consumption

5. Family Planning Alternatives

a. If a woman has no baby or perhaps has a baby after 31, she is very likely to get cancer of the breast. 6. Inherited genes

III. Footings for the cause

A. Breast cancer societies

M. Breast cancer foundations

C. The walk serves as for cancer of the breast

1 . There are even bracelets to get the cause.


A. What is breast cancer

1 . Tumor in the chest.

B. Men can get it

C. Keep healthy

1 ) Do not consume alcohol

2 . Check yourself intended for breast cancer generally

D. Help the cause.

1 . Donate

The Search:

When I first thought of this subject I believed to personally, " this is going to be really boring” but in fact it was extremely fun. Used to do most of my personal research online because I really could not discover people who were experts on breast cancer. ?nternet site was dealing with I discovered many new issues. For one, Some know that more African American girls die from breast cancer yet more Caucasian women acquire breast cancer. ?nternet site studied my own topic We learned innovative things and I shared these my mother so the lady could reduce her odds of getting breast cancer. I as well asked my mate, who is in med school, about things I knew since I wanted to evaluate him and make me feel wiser. In looking to make personally feel better compared to my brother, I was entirely shut down as they knew all of the information. Initially when i first started my essay I wanted to do my own report on cancer on the whole, but when I actually research a little about it I had been surprised at how much there were on tumor. After my personal initial believed, I decided for making my I-Search about cancer of the breast. I thought to do brain tumor because the brain intrigues myself, but I possess seen a large number of organizations about the fight against breast cancer and I see many arm bands helping the cause also so I choose to do breast cancer. Once i can to a close during my research regarding breast cancer My spouse and i felt like I had learned a lot from my research. There's always been a want in me to cure what cannot be remedied and cancer of the breast is one of the points that I desire to be able to treatment. Now that We...

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