May Science and Religion Coexist?

 Can Technology and Faith Coexist? Article

Can science and faith coexist?

The contention among science and religion have been an issue of debate for many years. The relationship among religion and science is a focus of the demarcation difficulty. Somewhat related is the declare that science and religion may pursue know-how using different methodologies. The scientific approach relies on reason and empiricism while religious beliefs acknowledges revelation, faith and sacredness. A few scholars declared that science and religion should be separate as you is a story book and the other is backed by evidence. Therefore, they cannot be united in harmony. However , for me, technology and faith can coexist as they really do different things. As well, both help the betterment of human and thus, interconnection can actually contact form between scientific research and religion. Furthermore as long as people may compartmentalise and separate spiritual beliefs coming from empirical facts, science and religion can certainly coexist. A few extremist experts argue that scientific research is based on declaration and maintained lots of data which may not be clouded simply by spiritual morals. A lot of things which can be considered proper under religion are later on being debunked by research. However , several religious teams claim that science is merely lots of wishful temporary theories waiting around to be debunked and simply cannot hold a candle for the truth of divine revelation. Genetic manipulation is such a visible example which usually demonstrates how science and religion confront each other. Some years ago, the fact that was almost a dogma was that God produce human beings and the environment styles one's character. However , the genetic science is trying to change this theory as each of our genes in fact create all of us and determine our individuality a lot. A lot of religious groups criticize that scientists will be playing the God and so they warn which the wielding power to alter human nature by innate means can be dangerous and human beings will face catastrophic consequence because of their inconsiderate behavior. *...