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Business summary

Business environment has changed daily; the different factors that have an effect on to the organization performance will be occurred every day for example external and internal factors. The business needs to have particular business approach in order to satisfy the business environment changes. These kinds of organization's business strategies need to be complement the context of the organization, objectives later on and the interior dynamic from the organization. Vietnam is always counted as a potential market since it a fast growing economy. Vietnam attracts various international companies to invest in because of the stable economical growth and other important factors just like cheap work, political elements, demographic… A large number of global leading companies have found Vietnam, and Apple can be not the exceptional. That they see the potential to expand all their company in Vietnam, hence the business technique is needed. As a research expert in one of leading business strategy exploration agencies, I actually prepare this kind of report to summarize the business environment of Apple Inc to aid in the future approach and preparing. In this survey will articles of: * The framework of Apple Inc business approach

5. The significance of conducting a stakeholder examination of Apple computers * Perform an external environment and company audit of company my spouse and i. e Apple * Apply strategic placement techniques to the analysis of Apple Inc * Demonstrate a great ability to believe strategically by simply explaining the possible things to consider for proper analysis with the company in expanding operation


Apple has become one of many worlds leading technological business since 2007, three decades following its incorporation. They secret the world technology with cell phones, computer software, iPod, and personal computer system. They are planning entering into Vietnam market as they have some consist of big Asian countries such as Asia, Singapore, Chinese suppliers, Hongkong. Therefore , a specific statement is needed to support Apple to come up with a comprehensive organization strategy in Vietnam. This kind of report can be aimed to plan Apple organization strategy in Vietnam based on the real framework of Apple around the world and Vietnam industry reality in technology items. The examination information is usually conducted in order that the most effective approach will be provided to develop the performance of Apple in Vietnam later on. To accomplish this statement, Internet is actually a variety source that helped me collecting details. And also with the help of my lecturer – Mr Pham Quoc Khanh, I am able to clearly understand what is needed in this report. Nevertheless , the limitation of time may effect on the caliber of the statement.

1a. Specify the context of organization strategy

As we can see over a description of circumstances encircle Apple continues to be divided into two categories which are Industry environment and competitive environment. Market environment which includes Demographic, Financial, and Socio-cultural On the other hand Politics, technological and global happen to be under Competitive environment. 2. Industry environment:

* Market:

First of all we intend to illustrate the demographic element of industry environment. Demographic has been thought as socioeconomic characteristics of a human population expressed statistically such as sex, age, educational level, profits level, faith. (business dictionary ). The people reference bureau(PRB) has shown the increasing of the world population from 2 . a few billion in 1950 to six. 7 billion in 2008. Especially the population of Cina and India ( the most two largest population ) has been increased to 37% of the total population on the planet. However practically half of the human population still surviving in urban place where insufficient knowledge, technology and low income level. * Socio-cultural:

Moving on to another stage which can be socio-cultural. At present we could start to see the differences among rich and poor people in the developing countries very evidently. Due to UNDP (United Empire Development...

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