Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

 Summary, Bottom line and Recommendation Essay

Chapter Sixth is v


This kind of chapter summarizes the study simply by highlighting the investigation conducted on the topic. The conclusions presented were drawn from the outcomes in the research and observations around the TITLE of respondents 1 and respondents 2 . Additionally, recommendations had been base from your findings and conclusion in the study.


The specialist designed and developed a TITLE employing Programming Terminology. The general aim of this research covered_____________________.

The system development life circuit is a well-balanced, synchronized, and systematic approach in making a research study. The researcher employed the following period namely: ________, ________, ________, _________, ____________.

The TITLE was assessed in five various areas. Respondent 1 and Respondent 2 will be the main beneficiaries of the study, were regarded as in the evaluation of the computer software product. Just __respondents coming from various domains stated were given the modify by comfort sampling to give their information and views on the product produced.


The researcher was able to arrive at these kinds of conclusions depending on the results of the examine.

1 .

2 .


4. Around the process of analysis the researcher used questionnaire method with all the following standards namely: ________, __________, ________, ________. There have been three concerns that corresponds to each conditions and set with the corresponding score scale. The proposed computer software was identified to be ________, _________, _________, _______, _____. 5. Centered from the statistical treatment of your data, there was no difference inside the respondents examination of the computer software in terms of ____, ________, ________, ______, ___.


Based upon the foregoing results of the examine, the following are recommended for future enhancement of the developed SUBJECT.

1 .

installment payments on your

Chapter 4


Through this chapter, the researcher produced the evaluation, interpretation from the data gathered based in the evaluation of the RESPONDENTS1 and RESPONDENTS a couple of on the recommended software.

The researcher applied the Software Development Life Cycle with several steps. The researcher determined the problems, chances and objectives. The investigator determine the data requirements, accumulated interpretations, establish the systems requirements, created prototypes to get discovery of requirements, prioritized and examined the system demands.

After the review was conducted, the data obtained were statistically treated, tabulated and analyzed according to the particular problems of research. There were 15 questions in the questionnaire. These questions were based around the software conditions set by researcher.

Tables were offered to show the results in the RESPONDENTS1 take on the position of the progress TITLE. Very much the same, the view in the RESPONDENTS2 were presented.

The criteria given below were used to decide the result of the conducted review.

|Range |Scale | |4. 51-5. 00 |Strongly Acknowledge | |3. 51-4. 50 |Agree | |2. 51-3. 50 | | |1. 51-2. 55 |Disagree | |1. 00-1. 50 |Strongly Disagree

Table 5. 1 Trustworthiness According to Information Technology Experts |Item...