Becel Margarine Case Study

 Becel Margarine Case Study Article

Becel Margarine Case Study

Primary Problem- The Becel brand growth rate can be decreasing.

Major Alternatives-

1 . Becel could alter their goal marketing target audience to include a broader business (I think we should do this one) 2 . Becel could decrease their price of margarine


Primary Evaluation-

Beneath the first substitute, Becel could change their marketing strategy. Becel households contain people who are generally empty nesters and 65+, whereas different margarine businesses have a family audience. Becel could goal families and young moms in their adverts. Mothers are generally the ones who are shopping for the family, and they are usually the ones who decide what products to acquire. If you were to mothers you will in turn become supplying to get entire households. The advantages for this alternative are you could expand your target market and create a bigger consumer base. A weak point is Becel could possibly be dropping their mature audience. It however gives you an opportunity to generate more income when you sell more margarine and target a greater audience. A threat is that Becel was doing well if they were promoting older audiences. Mothers may not be interested and the ad advertisments may not be effective. By changing their audience Becel could be possibly dropping revenue.

The second alternative is for Becel to decrease the price of their margarine. Margarine has always been considered a cheaper substitute for butter. In customer online surveys, the price was your biggest purpose people buy margarine over butter. A pound of margarine is almost a dollar cheaper than the selling price of standard butter previously. If Becel was to lower the price they could gain more of a competitive advantage more than other margarine companies. Becel has constantly advertised themselves as the " greatest margarine for heart health”. New competitors are now using similar setting at an amount point below the premium selling price level of Becel. The strengths to this substitute are you...