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п»їThe Shore Establishments Planning system is a data bottom that assists Commander, Navy Installation Command, Navy Companies in making decisions concerning the obtain, disposal and management of its capital assets, Iike facilities, their land and shore infrastructure. The armed service readiness, effectiveness, and responsiveness of the Navy blue depend on the availability and current condition of its property. The goal of the Shore Facilities Planning Procedure is to obtain mission preparedness. The Shore Facility Planning Process is known as a critical section of the Navy's technique of maintaining land and coast facilities. This precedes the facility development, budgeting, money and setup phases essential for prudent supervision of Navy's facilities. This can be a process that analyzes existing facilities and their conditions; the facilities necessary to perform given mission; existing facilities make use of; and how to achieve efficient service utilization, thus minimizing center footprint. This can be a tool utilized to develop and implement site-specific solution necessary to successfully acquire, maintain, suitably utilize, and dispose of banks assets. It allows organizers to locate surplus facilities that may be appropriate to aid satisfy additional identified facility deficiencies, to be able to enhance efficient utilization of existing assets also to improve objective capability. The first slide shows how the Shore Center Planning Program fits into the Navy's broader planning and asset managing efforts. The SFPS procedure consists of five principal steps or phases: 1 . Facilities requirements (BFR)

2 . Property evaluation

three or more. Analysis, Ideas and Pitch

4. Rendering (INFADS)

H. Facility Planning Documents

BFRs is the very first step of the planning process and its intent should be to provide the optimum footprint for the command to do its quest. BFRs cover entire useful categories of employ such as management offices, basic warehouse and public functions shops and so forth Each BFR Iists a task Name, the...