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I. Period Context

September 1993.

2. Viewpoint

Mister. Ricky Bautista, President of Vive Chem Philippines.

3. Major Policy Statement

VCP is a developing company set up by a selection of chemists and chemical technicians involved in developing new products mostly for industrial use. That they develop a number of personal items such as hair care products, aftershaves, and deodorants. В The company looks to be one of the market leaders in cosmetic care industry in the next ten years.

IV. Current Operation Strategy

Finance: Nothing was described.

Human Resource: Absolutely nothing was described.

Management: Is tied up with KMI.

Marketing: Collection a market research to test the market response to the item

Selecting KMI to get marketing study

Operations: VCP was already providing industrial chemical substances to the farming division of the KM Band of Companies and variety of personal product including deodorants and Soaps.

Sixth is v. Social Responsibility Application

VCP prefers to work with natural herbs as main ingredients for astringent merchandise as they see this as the best and most trusted way to produce facial maintenance systems.

VI. Affirmation of the Trouble

How will VCP position itself in the market among the leaders in facial treatment industry?

VII. Statement of Objectives

Initial: To permeate the cosmetic care industry in a certain market portion for its cool product. Long-term: To get one of the leading distributors of cosmetic care market in the next five years.

VIII. SWOT Analysis

IX. Alternative Courses of Action

1 . Look for an icon who is inside the same group with " Ate Vi" to endorse the product. 2 . Engage in advertising and promoting using several media. В Promote/ Tri-media a few. Perform rigorous researches to further improve and pioneer the product in line with clients' needs. 4. Work with a world category dermatologist and a elegant facial laboratory/center. 5. Include a topnotch distributor and open different options of distribution to retail stores and community.

X. Evaluation of Alternatives


Down sides

A lot of consumer uses or make an effort the product since endorsed by a popular celebrity Consumers with sensitive skin will patronize the product as it is herbal based. Goods with extensive distribution of product will create a bigger industry Some buyers who already are used to all their existing astringent may not be willing to switch brands just because of the good advertisement Not all herbal-based products these can be used with with everybody. (may nonetheless cause soreness to some, ex lover. Allergies)

XI. Decision Affirmation

We selected Number 1 since our decision statement since the product that is certainly about to always be sold in the marketplace is fresh. Though VCP has been existing for a while today, this is a whole new product through this new market, the face care line. It is after that just essential for the company to have a very impactful introduction of its product for VCP to pull attention and customers. Another good basis would be that the current brand leader, Eskinol, attributes a whole lot of its huge achievement for having Vilma Santos support their manufacturer, so traditionally, the customers in this kind of marketplace " believe" in the endorser and have a fantastic chance of making use of the product provided that the endorser is someone who is known and decorated.

XII. Implementation Program

1 . Approach – protected a long term commitment/contract with the endorser. 2 . Strategies – use all media which are widespread and confronted with the public for the advertising and advertising. Set up TELEVISION SET commercials, a radio station ads, journals and even billboards in significant roads and highways.

XIII. Proposed Functional Plan

Promoting: Create a great advertisement with one of the popular celebrity like Marian Rivera and Kathryn Bernardo as a great endorser. Supervision: Makes sure that the objectives and goals with the company are met with the utilization of planning, managing, staffing, leading and handling day-to-day functions. Operations: Production of personal goods are utilized.

XIV. Additional...