Anti freeze in summer

 Essay about Anti freeze out in summer season

The objective of this laboratory was to decide the effect antifreeze has on the cooling of the radiator on a car during the summer time.

First collect this supplies, a 400 milliliters of normal water, 380 cubic centimeters 50% blend of antifreeze and water, five-hundred ml graduated cylinder, 2 600- ml beakers, Bunsen burners, timer, striker, thermometer that says Celsius, aprons, and eye protection. For step 1 Put on the goggles and apron

Intended for step 2 Lumination the Bunsen burner making use of the striker.

For step 3 Heat 400 cubic centimeters of water with the within the Bunsen burner for 2 hundred seconds. For step 4 Discover the quantity of high temperature transferred to water from the equation and record on worksheet. For step five Pour 380 ml of mixture of both equally 50% water into a beaker. For Step six Heat the 400 g of antifreeze mixture pertaining to 200 mere seconds on the Bunsen burner. Pertaining to Step 7 Record the initial and final temperatures and the enhancements made on temperature The very last step is to make an equation to find the specific heat of the antifreeze blend.


Calculations This lab offers 4 measurements

For step one after recording the initial and final temperature ranges, find the change in temperature. the initial temp is 23*C

the final temperature is 42*C

42-23=19 the change in temp is 19* C

For Step 2 locate the quantity of warmth transferred to the from the equations Q= 400g (1 cal/g*c)(19*c because it is the change in temp)

Q= 7600 calories

For step 3 Record the final temperature ranges and the primary temperature inside the 50% antifreeze and 50 percent water and locate the change of heat Initial temperature 43*C Final temp 61*C

61-43=18 enhancements made on temp 18*C

For step 4 Find the specific heat of 50% antifreeze and use a equation

7600 =76001. 05 cal/g* C

400(18) =7200


To conclude antifreeze in the summer time is a wonderful plus pertaining to cooling your cars radiator straight down. The result of the lab is that antifreeze...