Evaluation of Public Bank Berhad

 Analysis of Public Traditional bank Berhad Dissertation

1 . 0 Launch

No organization can stand without buyers. Nevertheless, its not all business has the ability to to gratify customers because organisations lack of knowledge and understanding regarding customer expectation. Hence, this serve as a challenging task for business and firms that stress upon customer contact.

1 . 1 Brief Great Public Financial institution (PB) Group

The creator of PB Group, Color Sri Dato' Sri Doctor Teh Hong Piow begin his financial services since 1966 with all the concept of ‘the bank for public'. In a year, the company was listed in the Malaysian Stock Exchange marketplace. In its beginning, the bank features provided selling and business banking service and today, the financial institution serve as a strong financial service provider in Malaysia through the innovative products to meet the customers' requires. The services includes commercial, personal, Islamic and investment bank, share broking, unit trust funds managing and many more. Over the year, their market offers expanded overseas to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka. The bank is currently the largest local bank in Malaysia by market capitalisation and leads to in Malaysia's economic development all the while. (Public Bank, 2012)

1 . 2 SWOT Analysis

1 . 21 Strong points

PB offers its customer service charter which outlines PB's commitment on the improvisation of its services standards. This is certainly guided by accountability, fairness, privacy of private data and information, reliability and transparency. 1 . 22 Weaknesses

Inspite of the charter, which includes aiming to provide the majority of consumers promptly in all of the their branches within 2 minutes, on many occasions, there were impossible. Their purpose of answering any phone call immediately which is within the third diamond ring is difficult to achieve.

1 . 23 Options

The management will always establish new methods and approaches to include in the customer service hire. For example , PB emphasis on the education for employees to get over the weak points of buyer charter. 1 ) 24 Risks

PB in its recent years faces competition from the other banks such as Hong Leong Lender. Since the merger of Hong Leong Bank and Eon Bank lately, the number of Hong Leong Bank branches had increased enormously to 329 branches nationwide which overpowering PB with regards to the number of divisions serving buyers.

2 . zero Service Strategies and Location of PB

Strategic Support Vision can be an essential aspect for every powerful service entrepreneurs to understand of their business purpose and stands. It is generally illustrates the form of service concept and just how this concept influences their total strategy, support delivery and market segmentation. (Heskett, 1986) PB's supreme goal is to deliver superior banking solutions to it is customers. Hence, the company strategizes to focus and develop persistence in its business growth. In the retail financial business, the PB Group focused the growth upon lending and deposit currently taking and their customers generally happen to be small and medium sized and broad-based full customers. Open public bank strives for growing its business in terms of market share by giving the customers prompt and consistent providers through types of procedures and techniques as well as the well-developed customer service infrastructures. Public lender is the innovator in home mortgages, financing and house financing in Malaysia. Islamic banking was introduced in 2008 with an aim to focus on Islamic consumer and commercial funding. In addition , Community Mutual Account is a leading player in the fund managing industry getting a market share of 44. 3% in the year 2011. The PB group extended its delivery channels to effectively provide its buyers and business enterprises. In order to accomplish this, they had 252 branches with 529 computerized teller machines, 496 funds deposit equipment and 506 cheque put in machines. The PB group emphasizes upon its good marketing push. The group's success is actually a combination of great marketing strategies which has a long...