Changing materials

 Adapting elements Essay

п»їAdapting materials


Concerns with whole study course books.


Concerns the parts that make up that whole.

A procedure of matching

To maximize the appropriacy training materials in context.

Analysis for adapting materials

An exercise to help to formulate insights

into several views of language and learning

in the principle of materials design.

Process of adaptation

-Internal factors (what the fabric offers)




Choice of issues

Skills covered

Proficiency level

Grading of exercise

-External factors (what we have)

Learner qualities

Physical environment


Category size

Causes of adapting

Make an effort to make the materials more expansive and authentic

Aspects of language use


Classroom business

Supplementary components

Principles and procedures

-Adding, including broadening (qualitative) and increasing (quantitative) Materials are supplemented by adding more in to them.

Extensions of an existing aspect of content material and bringing a qualitative and quantitative change. Increasing adds strategy by moving outside that and developing it in new guidelines; e. g. putting in another type of language skills or possibly a new aspect.

Deleting or perhaps omitting

Lowering the length of elements as subtracting from that.

Small scale-over part of a physical exercise

Large scale-whole unit of a course publication


An internal change in the approach or focus of a workout.


improve linguistic articles and produce it more communicative

bring up activities even more closely to learners' individual backgrounds and interests present models of real language

collection more purposeful tasks


classroom supervision

design online exercise based on number of learners and size of class


One type of modification, a ‘rewriting' activity.

Simplify instructions and explanation of exercises and activities and as well as design of actions To make it becomes easier to end up being...