A Compare Between Faith based Terms to get Judaism, Mormonism, and Catholicism

 A Compare and Contrast Between Faith based Terms to get Judaism, Mormonism, and Catholicism Essay

(Quoted by a Mormon minister)-Mormon thoughts about remorse:

Each person has truly, truly repented (which is done by simply asking Our god for forgiveness) due to their thoughts of remorse, they are educated to put the sin behind them and not to dwell on it. Although it is also said that Brigham Young (1801- 1877), the other Mormon prophet, in the case of critical sins, it's the murder with the sinner plus the literal mixing of his blood with all the earth that results in forgiveness, which is also called blood atonement. (Quoted via a previous Mormon) Mormon views on contrition:

" By being Mormons we are confident of salvation - We feel that even if we are incorrect about Mormonism, God is going to forgive us since we believed in Christ just like the Christians said we should. If we are right, and that we know we are, then we are together permanently with our families as gods. Why should we would like to be whatever other than Mormons since most of us have our facets covered? ” Basically, even though apparently ask God to get forgiveness due to their contrition that develops after they commit issues they consider as a trouble, Mormons avoid worry in the fact that they may be wrong since salvation has already been assured the moment converting to Mormonism. Even so, they still do believe that you must feel repentir when you devote a desprovisto and should seek repentance/forgiveness from God. Mormon views on penance:

Forgiveness is important part of savoring happiness in every area of your life; salvation. The aspects of forgiveness are repentir, prayer and forgive every who hurt. The Mormon Church rejects the concept of penance believing they have nothing to perform with the penitence; turning away from sins. Mormon views on atonement:

They believe that atonement of Jesus Christ helps us to obtain forgiveness, which comes from legitimate atonement; treating pain and guilt coming from past sins. It also brings comfort and joy. Mormon (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) views on sorrow: The fourth principle I would like to stress is what the scriptures term " godly sorrow” for our sins. It is not unusual to find people in the world who have feel embarrassment for those things they do incorrect. Sometimes this is because their activities cause them or loved ones great sadness and misery. Sometimes their particular sorrow can be caused because they are caught and punished for actions. This kind of worldly feelings do not make up " godly sorrow. ” Godly sorrow is strongly portrayed in two locations in scripture. In the last days of the Nephite region, Mormon explained of his people: " their sorrowing was not unto repentance, due to goodness of God; however it was somewhat the sorrowing of the darned, because the God would not usually suffer them to take delight in sin. Mormon (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) views on penitence: Penitence is one of the first concepts of the gospel and is necessary to our temporary and everlasting happiness. It truly is much more than simply acknowledging wrongdoings. It is a reaction and center that gives us a fresh view about Goodness, about ourself, and about the earth. It includes turning away from trouble and embracing God for forgiveness. It truly is motivated by love pertaining to God as well as the sincere wish to obey His commandments Mormon views on sin:

Mormons believe that if we say that we now have no trouble, we deceive ourselves, plus the truth is not really in us; if we concede our sins, Jesus can forgive all of us of our sins; all people bad thing; Jesus Christ was the only sinless person ever before to have were living on the The planet; through the Atonement of Christ, each person can easily repent and be forgiven of his sins. Mormon thoughts about revenge:

Mormon's view of revenge is they should certainly not seek vengeance upon somebody else even if that they treated them badly. They view payback as a sin. However , some Mormons believe that they should enhance revenge. Catholic views on embarrassment:

Remorse can be described as product of wishful-thinking and implies the wish to prevent sin; repentance implies the determined will certainly to avoid this. Remorse can be conditional;...