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 13 Unique Colonies Analysis Paper

13 Original Groupe


The expertise is needed immediately! 500 people are timetabled to set travel from England to the colonies next month. В They are nonetheless undecided which colony could be the best to negotiate and build their particular new homes. В The colony has hired you to create a publication, pamphlet or brochure to entice they to settle in the colony. В The information you provide will be used to help the newest colonists choose the best nest that will match their needs. В You will need to carefully research your colony and all the other colonies to best advise the new settlers of what their colony provides. В Through researching the colonization of America, you will find the similarities and differences of the Southern, Middle and New Great britain Colonies. For each region you are going to uncover the hardships the fact that settlers experienced while creating a new existence that was accepting of everyone. You will discover the challenges they faced territorial, differences and similarities, spiritual factors, and slavery issues.

After inspecting your п¬Ѓndings, you will build a newsletter, pamphlet or products / services brochure using Web pages to be sent at once to England.

The TaskВ В В В В В

Your job is to create an informative statement in the form of a newsletter, pamphlet, or brochure about your colony.  You will need to identify and make discoveries regarding the 13 original groupe in order to are accountable to the new colonists why your colony can best suit the requirements. You will uncover this information through research. The final statement will include: •


Completed worksheets in Southern, Midsection and Fresh England Groupe - present in Process Section

Created publication using Web pages for your colony

The ProcessВ

Begin by printing out the following Details Worksheets




The The southern part of Colonies

The Middle Colonies

The New England Colonies

Use the backlinks found under Educational Assets to answer the questions found in the Information Worksheets.

Once the Info Sheets will be completed, you need to to begin creating your distribution. В You should understand what makes your colony stand out from every one of the others. В You must make use of your research to convince individuals 500 fresh Colonist to maneuver to your colony. В Bear in mind, you are creating this publication throughout the early 1700's. В Your information MUST be using this time period and historically exact. В Following the completion of your research, you should access Pages to choose what sort of publication to provide your materials to the new colonists. В Your may well choose from a newsletter, pamphlet or brochure. Your syndication must are the following:









Map of your nest as it was throughout the early 1700's

Major towns or communities

Geographic features

Climate and agricultural information

Economic creation or that they made their money

Why and who actually founded the colony

Two reasons the colony is superior to the others

In least 3 pictures yet no more than п¬Ѓve - Remember pictures has to be historically accurate. В Be careful if you use show art.

Please continue to make reference to the list above to ensure that you incorporate EVERYTHING necessary in your newsletter.

Educational Assets

Links intended for worksheets

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Religion and Church in the 13 American Colonies

Location and Climate of the 60 States


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New Britain Colonies

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