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Strategic Management Essay

Theses dissertations computer science

Fernández Moctezuma (Dissertation)PDFExtending Relativistic Programming to Multiple Writers, Philip William Howard (Dissertation)PDFThe Basic Scheme for the Evaluation of Functional Logic Programs, Arthur Peters (Thesis)PDFThe Link Between Image Segmentation and Image Recognition, Karan Sharma (Thesis)PDFRelativistic Causal Ordering A Memory Model for Scalable Concurrent Data Structures, Josh Triplett (Dissertation) ThesesDissertations from 2011 PDFConceptual Modeling of Data with Provenance, David William Archer (Dissertation)PDFLow-latency Estimates for Window-Aggregate Queries over Data Streams, Amit Bhat (Thesis)PDFInformation Processing in Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata, Martin Cenek (Dissertation)PDFScalable and Efficient Tasking for Dynamic Sensor Networks, Thanh Xuan Dang (Dissertation)PDFOn the Effect of Topology on Learning and Generalization in Random Automata Networks, Alireza Goudarzi (Thesis)PDFHOLCF '11: A Definitional Domain Theory for Verifying Functional Programs, Brian Charles Huffman (Dissertation)PDFA Functional Approach to Memory-Safe Operating Systems, Rebekah Leslie (Dissertation)PDFFactoring Semiprimes Using PG2N Prime Graph Multiagent Search, Keith Eirik Wilson (Thesis)PDFHigh Speed Wireless Networking for 60GHz, Candy Yiu (Dissertation) ThesesDissertations from 2010 PDFExtensible Scheduling in a Haskell-based Operating System, Kenneth William Graunke (Thesis)PDFAddressing Automated Adversaries of Network Applications, Edward Leo Kaiser (Dissertation)PDFAn Automata-Theoretic Approach to HardwareSoftware Co-verification, Juncao Li (Dissertation)PDFPractical Type Inference for the GADT Type System, Theses dissertations computer science Lin (Dissertation)PDFScalable event tracking on high-end parallel systems, Kathryn Marie Mohror (Dissertation)PDFPerformance Analysis of Hybrid CPUGPU Environments, Michael Shawn Smith (Thesis) ThesesDissertations from 2009 PDFComputational Techniques for Reducing Spectra of the Giant Planets in Our Solar System, Holly L.

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