A coastal-inspired bathroom is perhaps one of the most popular designs. After all, bathing and a water environment go hand in hand. There are as many variations of the beachy bathroom as there are bathrooms decorated in the style. Strike a balance in your bathroom that channels the serenity of your favorite seaside resort.

Rainfall Showerhead

One aspect of your bathroom experience that’s especially going to give a beach ambiance is the shower. For that reason, select a rainfall showerhead. Warm water collects in the large well and cascades down in a shower reminiscent of a tropical rain fall. The rainfall showerhead can stand alone or be part of a spa panel complete with several sprays.

Infinity Tub

If you’ve ever soaked in an infinity pool by the sea, you know the luxurious ambiance the disappearing edge creates. Recreate that feeling with an infinity bathtub. Infinity bathtubs feature a liner inside a larger receptacle. Water spills from the liner to the receptacle in the typical infinity pool manner.

Coastal Color Palette

You have several options for a beach-inspired color palette, from nautical navy and white to vibrant pinks. However, Southern Living suggests utilizing a serene color palette based on sandy beige and aquamarine. The sandy beige should be your base color. Use it for your flooring, cabinets and even tub surround.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles shimmer like water even when they’re dry, making them the optimal choice for your shower stall. Here is where the aquamarine comes into play. Either select tiles all in this aquatic hue, or have contractors create a mosaic of several water-inspired shades.

Glass Shower Enclosure

There’s no sense in having your shower stall tiled beautifully and then hiding it behind a shower curtain. Instead, opt for a glass shower enclosure. There are many options for enclosing your shower in glass. For instance, you could have a standard glass enclosure installed. Another option is installing a frameless enclosure that creates almost no distinction between spaces. You could also add a glass door or glass panels, depending on your space.

Seaside Décor

The décor you choose to complete your beachy bathroom not only finishes the look, it also provides the unique character of your design. The beach offers a wide variety of inspiring designs. You could create displays with starfish and coral accessories. Another option is hanging a beach scene painting on the wall. Seashells, sea glass and drift wood are other décor options for a coastal bathroom.

Channel the tranquil ambiance of the seaside with your palette, material choices and décor for a beachy-keen bathroom.

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