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Four Improvements To Do To Your Home With Siding Replacement

If your home has old, damaged siding, you have the option to repair it, or you can have it replaced. With older homes, there are many things that can be done to improve your siding. This can be reducing potential for damage due to water leaks and adding energy efficiency with insulated backing. Here are some improvements that you may want to consider for your home with a siding replacement:

1. Replacing Siding With More Wind Resistant Materials

If your siding has been damaged by storms or high winds, you may want to use a more resistant siding for your replacement. There are many new siding materials that are rated for different wind conditions and can protect your home from future damage. Vinyl siding will have lower wind resistance, while fiber cement and metal materials will give your home the best ratings.

2. Using Water Resistant Materials To Protect From Rot

Using water resistant materials can be another good improvement to do when you replace your siding. This can be materials, such as vinyl siding, which is very durable and requires very little maintenance. Fiber cement materials are also very durable, but will require a minimal amount of care and are not as water resistant.

3. Installing A Moisture Barrier To Reduce Drafts And Air Leaks

Moisture barriers can be another great addition to your home, which can be done with the addition of a house wrap. This will help reduce air leaks in your home. The moisture barrier can also help add better protection from water if you are going to use materials like fiber cement siding. This material can be installed on exposed walls, or it can be installed over foam board insulation that you may have installed on your home.

4. Adding More Insulation With Foam Backing And Backed Siding Products

There are also several ways to add insulation to your new siding. This can be done by installing foam backing boards, which can be installed over existing siding to save money on removal and disposal. Another option is to use newer siding materials that are fabricated with a foam backing to make them more durable and energy efficient.

These are some of the improvements that you can have done with your siding replacement. If your home is ready to have new siding, contact a siding installation contractor and talk with them about adding some of these improvements to your home exterior.

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Keeping The Streets Clean With Street Sweepers

Street sweeping is a very important service. Most residents will keep their lawns and sidewalks looking good and clean, but they will not sweep the streets. Storms may leave mud, dirt, and debris in the street. A car accident may leave broken glass and other debris as well. There are many other examples and reasons why a street may be dirty and may need to be cleaned up. Not only is this dirt and debris very unsightly, but it also can clog storm drains and cause flooding and other issues. In order to make sure that the area in front of your house is properly cleaned, you will want to take a few different actions.      

1. Know when sweepers are coming. Cities will typically provide a street sweeping service. These street sweepers will make the rounds through the city streets and the neighborhoods. Depending on where you live and how many sweepers the city has you may only see the street sweeper a couple of times a year. It is important to know when the street sweeper is coming. Most cities will have a website where you can log on to see the sweeper schedule. You may also be able to sign up for email or text alerts. When you know when the sweeper is coming, you can move garbage cans, cars, and other things that may prohibit the street sweeper from sweeping in front of your home.

2. Request a sweeper. As mentioned before, there could be many reasons why your street could be dirty. Perhaps a big windstorm blew a big pile of dirt all over the neighborhood. Maybe a power line went down and sent wood splintering all over the neighborhood. There are countless reasons why a street could become contaminated with debris. In these instances, it is perfectly acceptable to request that the city send a street sweeper to your neighborhood to clean it up. You may have to do some digging but most city websites will have a division that takes care of city cleanup and you can find a phone number or online request form.

It is important to make sure that the streets are clean and free from debris. By knowing when the sweepers are coming and planning accordingly, you will ensure that it is properly cleaned. By requesting a sweeper (such as one from USA Services of Florida) in certain unique circumstances, you can ensure that your street is free from harmful debris that can cause problems such as clogged drains.

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Earthquake and tornadoes were my biggest fear as a child. They still in someways are, but as I'm building more and more homes, I've begun learning about the different safety measures that are incorporated with the architectural designing. I think it's good to know where the best places to stand are in case of the natural disaster, and which places to avoid. As I've done research I've learned how glass can shatter and much further then what I thought –which has helped me mentally prepare myself to stay away from windows. I think the best way to be prepared for anything is to become educated on it, which is why I'm maintaining this site.