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5 Things To Know About Water Damage

One of the nastiest surprises you can have is waking up one morning to find that the nice rain shower that started the night before has flooded your basement. Coming home from work to find a broken pipe pouring water into your home isn’t much better.  Water damage is a serious issue and it needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible. Here are five things you need to know about water damage restoration.

There are Different Categories

Water damage is rated by category. Category 1 water damage is caused by water that is clean, meaning it will not make a human sick. This usually occurs when a pipe breaks. Category 2 is known as gray water, and is water that can make someone sick, such as from a broken toilet. Category 3 is damage caused by black water. This kind of water is very unsanitary and may come from sewers or standing water.

Damage is Listed as Classes

Just as the water that causes the damage is categorized, the damage that is caused is also classified. In class 1, there is little damage and it’s relatively easy to clean up. Class 2 means that while objects like carpets might be damaged, there is a fast rate of evaporation. In Class 3, the water has damaged parts of your home like the walls and furniture. Class 4 water damage means that concrete, plaster, and even hardwood floors could be affected and that special procedures will be needed to repair the damage.

Don’t Let it Just Dry

You can never allow the water to simply dry. While it may seem that your floors or walls have dried completely, the danger comes from the inside, where you can’t see. A wall that appears dry to the touch may be harboring dangerous mold inside. Mold can lead to serious health problems, especially for children and those with health issues.

Stop the Water

When you first step into your basement, your first instinct might be to start bailing out the water. While wading through water to get to the turn off valve to the pipe might not seem like an attractive idea, it’s very important to try. Before any kind of cleanup can start, the water has to be stopped. Try to stop it yourself before you call the professionals to help minimize the damage. However, wait for the professionals to arrive if there’s any chance of electrocution. 

Get Professional Help

To probably clean up and restore your home, you need to call a professional like Complete Restoration Services after you’ve had a major water leak. A professional cleanup crew will have equipment designed to properly dry your home and dehumidify it to keep mold from growing. They also have special tools to find any hidden pockets of water before they become a serious problem. If water is standing, the professionals have extraction equipment that will safely remove the water so you can get back into your home.

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Effective Methods To Eliminate Caterpillars From The Trees That Are On Your Company’s Property

Prevent caterpillars from chewing holes in the trees on your company’s property by taking action and using some effective methods to eliminate them. As a result, your business will have beautiful surroundings that you can be proud of and that your customers will appreciate each time that they stop by.

Tree Injection Kit

Tree injection kits eliminate a wide variety of insects. After purchasing a kit, drill shallow holes at the base of each tree that is infected. Space the holes out so that they are several inches apart. Add the insecticide with the syringe that came enclosed in your kit. Release the contents of the syringe into each hole, making sure that they are all filled completely. One application will be effective for the entire season. You can expect to see results within a couple weeks. After the caterpillars are eliminated, continue injecting the trees at the beginning of spring each year. 

Neem Oil

Neem oil comes from the seeds and fruit off of neem trees. It is a natural pesticide that won’t cause you or any other person on your property any harm. It also won’t harm birds, squirrels, or other small animals. Spray the oil wherever you normally see caterpillars. The oil will penetrate and enter each tree’s vascular system. When caterpillars feed on the leaves again, they will ingest the oil and die. You will see results within a few days. Spray your trees once each year for the best results. 

Orange Oil

Orange oil is a natural insecticide that is derived from orange peels. It is environmentally safe to use and will not harm your trees or anyone who comes into contact with it. It also emits a pleasant scent, making it a preferred choice to use when eliminating caterpillars. Spray each leaf that you have spotted caterpillars on. The caterpillars will continue to feed on the leaves, but will ingest the orange oil each time. The oil will destroy their digestive systems within a few days. The oil can be used liberally until you no longer see anymore caterpillars.

Each of the previous methods will be effective in wiping out the caterpillars that are harming your trees. After using each technique, you will see results quickly. Your trees will be healthier and add beauty to your company’s property. Once the problem has been solved, you can continue to protect your trees each season so that pests do not reappear. 

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