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Why Granite Is Great For Kitchens

Adding granite to your kitchen countertops is a great kitchen remodel that will make the room look more stylish and classy. Granite is not only a very beautiful product, it is also very functional when it comes to being used on a kitchen countertop. This article will explain the physical properties of granite and why it is ideal for kitchens.

Granite is Hard and Sanitary

Granite is great for countertops because it is very hard. It usually rates between 6 and 7 on the measure of hardness (MOH) scale. It is much harder than marble and slate, so it is better for countertops. The hardness of granite will prevent it from getting cut or scratched. In fact, you can use your granite countertop as a cutting board. Also, because granite is so hard and nonporous, it is easy to keep clean. Your granite countertop is perfect for food preparation in every way.

Granite is Stylish and Unique

Granite is perfect for countertops because it comes in so many different colors. Best of all, every slab of granite is completely unique. If you invest in natural granite countertops, this basically means that you are getting a raw piece of rock. Of course, this piece of rock has been polished and sealed so it can be used as a countertop. All the discolorations, tones, grains and patterns are completely natural and give each piece its own style. Some customers prefer composite granite with more subdued patterns and more solid colors. However, most customers appreciate the unique patterns of raw granite.

The Cost of Granite

When buying granite countertops, there are many variables that will affect the ultimate price. For instance, it’ll be more expensive to install granite on an existing cabinet, instead of installing one on a new cabinet as it is being built. This is simply because it requires more labor to retrofit the granite onto an existing counter top.

The Cost of Granite

In general, granite can cost up to $100 per square foot. Granite that is more expensive usually comes from mines with better reputations. For instance, Italian granite will probably cost more than granite from South America. Some will argue that the more expensive granite is higher quality, but it often just has to do with the reputation of its source.

No matter where your granite comes from, it can add a lot of style and functionality to your kitchen. Talk to experts like Commonwealth Countertops for more information.

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Hot Bathroom Remodeling Trends Of 2015

It’s that time of year again — the weather’s getting warmer, and with the higher temperatures comes the desire to rip everything out of your bathroom and start fresh, from the tiles to the paint and everything in between. But how do you know what’ll inspire compliments and what will just make people think you’re stuck in last year’s trends? If you’re looking for a bit of direction when it comes to remodeling your bathroom, then here’s a few ideas to get the trendy ball rolling.

Trend #1: Ditch the Tub

The days of a long, hot soak might be forever relegated to the past, as more and more people forgo the tub in the master bathroom. Showers waste less water, take less time, and take up less space in the bathroom, so it’s easy to see why bathtubs are on the way out.

If you really, truly think you need a tub (or that you might need one someday), stick it in the upstairs bathroom — it’ll be perfect for kids and guests, but this option will let you take all the space you want for the next trend on the list…

Trend #2: Huge, Well-Equipped Showers

Showers are a luxury that the fast-paced modern life can afford, so why not make it a double luxury by doubling the size of your shower…and the amount of shower heads…and the counter space? While enclosed showers are the most popular version this year, especially when paired with a frameless glass door, deluxe walk-in showers with a bend in their shape for privacy are also super desirable. When you add in modern technological advancements — such as programmable temperature valves and shower-operated lights and music, it’s easy to see why showers are winning out over their sedentary cousins.

But what about when you step out of the shower?

Trend #3: Heated Floors

Pack the winter slippers away for this trend, because you sure won’t be needing them. The chilly bathroom floor is the menace of early birds and morning snoozers alike — so why not make sure your first step in the morning is a good one? When it comes to natural stone floor — another hot item this season — the occasional cold snap can render them chilly to the touch. A heated floor system — whether electric or hydronic — can help ease that chill and make standing in front of the bathroom mirror a pleasure, rather than a chore. 

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